2 days in a row? really?

Yes really! I made it to the second day! Website is looking good. I didn’t want to post the update to social media yet, because I figured it’s Friday and people are finishing up their week and probably will just check it out and then head out quickly. I want people to stick around and go through all of it. So I decided to wait until Monday.

Any who, today I started the “100 day UI design challenge”. The first challenge was a log in screen. Obviously since I had extra time today I made 2. One for desktop and one for mobile.

Classes start up again on Monday. The first 2 will be “Intro to OOP with C++” not really to excited about it, since it will be pretty basic. One thing Im looking forward to is messing around with Unreal, since it uses C++. Might finally be able to get that 2D side scrolling game that I’ve been putting of for like 3 years now, done! The other class I’ll be starting is “Agile Management” this class can go either way.

Well here’s the 2 log in designs I came up with today for the challenge. Enjoy!









Login view for desktop:




Login view for mobile: