Rock me like a…hurricane?

Well, here we go. After living abroad for 4 years, and Miami not having a hurricane, in forever. We have this POS coming to ruin my trip to Colorado at the end of the week! Was really hoping to make the flight, but as of right now. It doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen. Fortunately the airline hasn’t said anything yet, so who knows. Hopefully tonight or tomorrow we get better news about the storm. Damn you Matthew, which also happens to be the name of the person I was supposed to be visiting in Colorado!

Anyway, today was day 003 of the “100 day UI challenge” the design challenge was a landing page. Since all I can think about was missing my trip to Colorado, I decided to design a Colorado tourism landing page. Got to whip out the wacom that I haven’t used in ages. But it did a great job masking those letters.



Day #2

Well, day 2 of the “Daily UI Challenge” was to design a credit card checkout. I think it came out pretty good. Really enjoying these challenges! I’m going to try and keep up with them everyday. I was actually thinking about doing the 100 day challenge, and then when I finished redo them all by adding animation. So basically taking all of these designs and animating them with Principle, After Effects, and Flinto. This way I can practice those programs and it gives me motivation to continue.

Also started my classes for this final semester at UC-Irvine. So far so good, even though its only been about 4 hours into the semester.





2 days in a row? really?

Yes really! I made it to the second day! Website is looking good. I didn’t want to post the update to social media yet, because I figured it’s Friday and people are finishing up their week and probably will just check it out and then head out quickly. I want people to stick around and go through all of it. So I decided to wait until Monday.

Any who, today I started the “100 day UI design challenge”. The first challenge was a log in screen. Obviously since I had extra time today I made 2. One for desktop and one for mobile.

Classes start up again on Monday. The first 2 will be “Intro to OOP with C++” not really to excited about it, since it will be pretty basic. One thing Im looking forward to is messing around with Unreal, since it uses C++. Might finally be able to get that 2D side scrolling game that I’ve been putting of for like 3 years now, done! The other class I’ll be starting is “Agile Management” this class can go either way.

Well here’s the 2 log in designs I came up with today for the challenge. Enjoy!









Login view for desktop:




Login view for mobile:


I’m so bad at this!


Here I  go again! I can’t seem to make it a habit of updating my blog. But as you can see (unless this is your first time here) things have changed! New look to the site, new URL, it’s all new! I brought over some of my old blogs from the other site ( which now redirects to this site.

Now that I’m done, I’m going to start applying for jobs again. Been really trying to focus on my UI/UX skills. Been taking courses on Udemy and Lynda for the whole UX thing. When it comes to UI I’ve just been continuing to work on projects and learn new tools*.

I’ve been really fascinated by micro-interactions recently. I’ll add some links later, once I get them uploaded.

I came across this posting earlier today Read Me! Good stuff, I’m always really intrigued by the process, and love seeing how other people go about it.

Next week my Mobile Application Certification from UC-Irvine begins what I hope is the final semester. I definitely feel like Ive learned a lot so far. From OOP to iOS dev and Java mixed in with C++. But finally after 2 years (should have been 1.5, but I was going through Wyncode and looking for work) I should be finished.

Well, hopefully I can keep this up more frequently. Until next time.


*Tools mentioned above:

  1. Principle
  2. Marvel
  3. Invision
  4. Flinto

Week 4 – blogging everyday: ERROR!

So…. it’s week 4, and this would be Wyncode blog #1. I know I said that I would try and blog everyday, but I also underestimated the amount of work that I would have.

Anyway, here’s a breakdown of what I’ve done so far.

Week 1 was spent learning about Ruby syntax, data types, boolean expressions and agile. It was a lot of info in a short amount of time.

Week 2 we started getting a bit more of OOP foundations down, by learning methods, classes and inheritance.

Week 3 we got into the internet. Web scrapping, html, and css.

Week 4 we did architecture. MVC, well the “M” part haha.

So yea. week 1 was crazy for me. I had a good foundation in programming, but I think it was a mixture of “wtf am I doing this, Why did I leave my job for this” I panicked, but really quickly that turned around. Week 2 for me was the complete opposite. I finished my first project which was a text base adventure game. Week 3 was the same. felt really confident. Git via the command line is a pain in the ass. But its necessary! Really quickly I became comfortable. Week 4 was more my style. Web scrapping! Im really interested in backend dev. even though I have a design background. We also started MVC and I’m confident enough that I have been able to help others. Which to me is validation that I know what I’m doing.

In the future I will post a page here with my github repos, if anyone is interested in seeing my projects. I’m not even sure if anyone reads this. But, that doesn’t really matter.

In general I’m really enjoying Wyncode, they do have a bit of a focus on startup and business acumen which I guess helps. But the reason I came here was to take something I’m passionate about and make it my career. It would be complete BS to say the money doesn’t matter. But to me the money def doesn’t matter as much and the skills. I’ve spent the last year struggling to learn in China do to internet restrictions. Now that I’m here I want to absorb as much as possible. People seem to be attracted to front end dev. But honestly I like the complexity and challenges that go into developing a database or backend. I definitely feel that it will show during interviews, that I consider myself to already be a part of the developer community as a whole. Not necessarily Miami tech, but tech in general. But I am really excited to be a part of the Miami tech community, after living abroad for so long. I want to be productive and give back to my community and not someplace that I have no ties to.

But I think I’m getting a bit ahead of myself talking about hiring already. I need to get passed MVC first and then weeks 5-9.

A lot more to come, excuse the lack of posts.


Haven’t updated this in quite some time. Since the last post I have left China, travelled to Belarus for 2 weeks. Arrived in Miami and a bunch more.

So I left Beijing on November 2nd so I can go to Miami and participate in Wyncode. But before I made it to Miami, the wife and I had a stop over in Belarus to visit her family and so I could meet the grand parents. That was a great and very humbling experience seeing essentially the part of the world my father came from and a bit of the culture. Pictures are up on my Facebook.

After 2 weeks in Belarus it was time to make my way to Miami. Decided to come a month before the cohort started so I can focus on all the pre coursework and stuff without distractions. After an interesting time dealing with customs (I’m assuming because my layover was in Turkey and I have a pretty bad ass beard. Also this was a day or 2 after the Paris attacks.) we finally arrived. After a few days I bought a car, which Im really proud of myself for buying it in cash and not financing haha.

Sitting at home and getting over a bit of jet lag and just settling in at home made up about the first 2-3 weeks here. This past Monday (Dec 7) we went to the open house at Wyncode, at that point I finally felt that I had made the right decision. I have been planning this for a little over a year. I was a bit worried about the investment. But after sitting thru the open house and listening to the Head Instructor of the Miami campus speak (Ed Toro), I felt that his teaching style was exactly what I needed.

Spending the past year and a half trying to learn online had it’s issues. From having a slow internet connection (China of course) to not being able to access certain websites even with a vpn (speed issues again mixed with the great firewall) it was not easy. Even paid for online courses via UC Irvine for their Mobile application certificate, and I didn’t feel like I knew as much as I should have to be certified even though I’m only 2 classes away.

Any way to explain a little about what I’m going to be writing about here. I’m going to try and keep a blog throughout the whole cohort and thru the job hunting. I think that blogging while I’m taking the cohort will help me track my progress and also give me another place to reference if I need to look back on anything that we have learned, and that I might get stuck on. Also another big reason for blogging is to help anyone else wanting to know what its like. Seeing everything that I go thru and having that available to other people might help them make the decision of either going thru with Wyncode or if they aren’t that far along yet. Help them understand if its the right thing to do in relation to leaving their current job, attending college, or just as a hobby.

I read 1 blog on Wyncode before I started the process and it helped a lot, but I’m assuming that because of the workload it was difficult for this person to keep the blog updated. Also an area that I haven’t seen any information on, are peoples personally experiences on the job hunt. That is obviously a big part about doing this program, is actually getting a WELL paid job after.

Well, thats all I have for now. In the next couple days I’ll write about the application process, interview, and how I came to find out about Wyncode and developer bootcamps in general. I’ll try and always add helpful link to the end of these posts. Usually things that are relative to the particular post.

Please excuse my writing, its not the best. I mean its not like I was ever an English teacher or anything…ummm



1. Original blog that I read on this guys experience

2. Course Report information on Wyncode. Lots of good reviews

3.Wyncode is located at The Lab in the Wynwood neighborhood in Downtown Miami.

4.The pre coursework assigned (Ruby, Javascript, Html/Css, Rails in that order)

5.Wyncode Meetup and events