I’m so bad at this!


Here I  go again! I can’t seem to make it a habit of updating my blog. But as you can see (unless this is your first time here) things have changed! New look to the site, new URL, it’s all new! I brought over some of my old blogs from the other site (www.HelloiDesignStuff.com) which now redirects to this site.

Now that I’m done, I’m going to start applying for jobs again. Been really trying to focus on my UI/UX skills. Been taking courses on Udemy and Lynda for the whole UX thing. When it comes to UI I’ve just been continuing to work on projects and learn new tools*.

I’ve been really fascinated by micro-interactions recently. I’ll add some links later, once I get them uploaded.

I came across this posting earlier today Read Me! Good stuff, I’m always really intrigued by the process, and love seeing how other people go about it.

Next week my Mobile Application Certification from UC-Irvine begins what I hope is the final semester. I definitely feel like Ive learned a lot so far. From OOP to iOS dev and Java mixed in with C++. But finally after 2 years (should have been 1.5, but I was going through Wyncode and looking for work) I should be finished.

Well, hopefully I can keep this up more frequently. Until next time.


*Tools mentioned above:

  1. Principle
  2. Marvel
  3. Invision
  4. Flinto