Week 4 – blogging everyday: ERROR!

So…. it’s week 4, and this would be Wyncode blog #1. I know I said that I would try and blog everyday, but I also underestimated the amount of work that I would have.

Anyway, here’s a breakdown of what I’ve done so far.

Week 1 was spent learning about Ruby syntax, data types, boolean expressions and agile. It was a lot of info in a short amount of time.

Week 2 we started getting a bit more of OOP foundations down, by learning methods, classes and inheritance.

Week 3 we got into the internet. Web scrapping, html, and css.

Week 4 we did architecture. MVC, well the “M” part haha.

So yea. week 1 was crazy for me. I had a good foundation in programming, but I think it was a mixture of “wtf am I doing this, Why did I leave my job for this” I panicked, but really quickly that turned around. Week 2 for me was the complete opposite. I finished my first project which was a text base adventure game. Week 3 was the same. felt really confident. Git via the command line is a pain in the ass. But its necessary! Really quickly I became comfortable. Week 4 was more my style. Web scrapping! Im really interested in backend dev. even though I have a design background. We also started MVC and I’m confident enough that I have been able to help others. Which to me is validation that I know what I’m doing.

In the future I will post a page here with my github repos, if anyone is interested in seeing my projects. I’m not even sure if anyone reads this. But, that doesn’t really matter.

In general I’m really enjoying Wyncode, they do have a bit of a focus on startup and business acumen which I guess helps. But the reason I came here was to take something I’m passionate about and make it my career. It would be complete BS to say the money doesn’t matter. But to me the money def doesn’t matter as much and the skills. I’ve spent the last year struggling to learn in China do to internet restrictions. Now that I’m here I want to absorb as much as possible. People seem to be attracted to front end dev. But honestly I like the complexity and challenges that go into developing a database or backend. I definitely feel that it will show during interviews, that I consider myself to already be a part of the developer community as a whole. Not necessarily Miami tech, but tech in general. But I am really excited to be a part of the Miami tech community, after living abroad for so long. I want to be productive and give back to my community and not someplace that I have no ties to.

But I think I’m getting a bit ahead of myself talking about hiring already. I need to get passed MVC first and then weeks 5-9.

A lot more to come, excuse the lack of posts.